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Proud SPARK Client | Kindel
proud spark client

Kindel Furniture

For over one hundred years Kindel Furniture has been synonymous with luxury; however, their made-to-order gallery experience desperately needed a 21st century upgrade. SPARK jumped at the chance to design a streamlined electronic quote process.

Industry | Manufacturing
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Instead of investing in work-arounds, we invested in US by creating a custom platform with SPARK. They are thorough, full of ideas, enjoyable to work with, and SPARK continues to drive our company forward in technology.

Erica Bouma, Accounting Manager, Andy J. Egan Co

Erica B - Testimonial
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SPARK Business Works is a great option for companies looking to bridge the communication gap between multiple departments in an efficient, clear, and simple way. I highly recommend SPARK as a solution to customize an MIS for businesses of all sizes. Communication in construction is essential, and thanks to SPARK, we are ready to move forward in 2021 with a great software.

Ashley Kless, Accounting Supervisor, American Fence & Supply Co., Inc. 

Ashley K - Testimonial
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As industry leaders, we believe in investing in the best technological options available to better serve our customers. SPARK’s efforts definitely make our operators and manager’s lives more enjoyable while saving precious time! Plus, the new dashboard gives us a bright snapshot view of our metrics. We’re in the process of expanding these capabilities and look forward to our next phase with SPARK.

Matt Weishaar, Vice President, Sturgis Molded Products

Matt W - Testimonial
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We have found the SPARK team to be responsive, engaged, and talented. We are 100% confident that they will attend to every detail, deliver results, and support us.

Kendra Townsend, Marketing Communications Manager, Schupan Sons

Kendra T - Testimonial